Spring (Case Mechanism Spring)

Spring for Small and Big cases.

Small Cases Mechanism

It allows the sofa corner extensions and poufs to be opened 60 degrees with the help of a spring.

Big Case mechanism

It allows the font of large-volume sofas and corner sets to be opened 45 degrees with the help of a spring.

Multistep Arm Mechanism

Arm Step Mechanism is a functional mechanism that provides to move the headrest and the arm rest parts of armchairs and couches with 9 degree angles in 8 steps.

Corner Couch Connector

Connection sheet is used in corner sets to assemble the corner parts to each other.

Headboard Connector

Siding hinge is used to attach and detach the headpiece or armrest practically by the way of sliding.

Headrest Mechanism

Headpiece Mechanism provides a support to neck part for couches by opening up with 15 degrees angles in 6 steps.

Slider Mechanism

Pull Back Mechanism provides resting and sitting position by moving forward and backward of the armchair’s backrest part.

Big Japon Mechanism

Big japon mechanism provides to become a bed and a case from sitting position in profile and vooden skeleton couches.

Bed Base Mechanism

Bed mechanism is in use in base system beds. By the support of gas spring the base cover can lift up to 45 degrees. It can be used in the midst of 50 and 1200 NW gas spring.

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