Flexible Chrome
  • – Can be applied to side roof gutters, fenders, grilles,furnitures, heater cores, door and trunk edges, etc.
  • – It is used in vehicle doors, roof side gutters and all passable areas.
  • – It is snap-on and can be applied very easily.
  • – Can be cut.
  • USAGE:
  • – Care must be taken to ensure that the place to be mounted is dry, oil-free, dust-free and unpolished. The place to be glued must be clean.
  • – Adhesion or assembly should not be done in humid and rainy outdoor environments.
  • – Before the bonding process starts, the floor to be bonded must be wiped with a clean cloth.
  • – Bonding should be done in hot environments as much as possible. If the application is to be made below a certain temperature value, the floor and product to be adhered should be heated with hot air.
  • – In order for the adhesive to hold better, the product should be pressed with a cloth or soft material for a long time.
  • – Measure and cut the product you purchased before mounting it on the place where you will paste it. Cutting should be done during or after gluing.
  •  -Do not let the adhered product come into contact with water for at least 24 hours.
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