FFP2 Mask
Product Features
  • • It is produced with the latest technology fully automatic machines.
  • • It consists of 4 layers.
  • Spunbond + hotair cotton + meltblown + spunbond
  • • Easily takes the shape of the nose.
  • • It does not cause any problems even in multiple use.
  • • It is aesthetically hidden in the compartment.
  • • It does not pose an additional risk in terms of occupational safety since it is in a hidden compartment.
  • • Filter Material
  • • It has an ultra thin and light fiber structure.
  • • It has high filtration efficiency.
  • • Treatment centers are used in many sectors besides paint, chemistry and production facilities in places where foodstuffs are produced in hospitals.
  • • It provides comfortable breathing with its special air transfer pores.
  • • Thanks to its elasticity, it is extremely easy to use and is suitable for all facial features.
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