Double Sided Sealing Tape

Double Sided Sealing Tape
  • • This tape, which is used for disposable protective overalls, prevents virus and bacteria-derived unwanted things from being transmitted through stitches.
  • • The tape is activated by heat.
  • • It closes the front of the overalls.
  • • Double-Sided Closure Tapes are made of high quality materials.
  • The tape prevents viruses from being transmitted through the stitches.
  •  Heat activated tape to prevent guard against viruses.
  • • It can be used in zippers and seams on surgical non-woven coveralls.
  • It can be used in surgical nonwoven overalls, zippers and sewing. It is well suited for disposable products, disposable gowns and disposable jacketed gowns.
  • Our strong bands; Ideal for sewing protective overalls and protective clothing. There are bands of Thera blue, yellow, red and white colors.
  • Polyester 9 PE tapes and tapes made of strong PSA hotmelt adhesive.
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