Adhesive Op Tape

Adhesive Op Tape
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Intended use
OP-Tape is intended to be used for applying surgical drapes to the patient’s skin in order to create a sterile and hygienic operating environment.

Product description
OP-Tape is a double sided tape consisting of a thin polyester carrier, both sides of which are coated with a uniform polymer adhesive layer. The adhesives are pressure and temperature sensitive.

During surgery, OP-Tape is unaffected by body fluids and other fluids used during surgery.

  •  OP-Tape is coated with a special type of adhesive that ensures both maximum performance during surgical procedures.
  • The bonding strength of the employed adhesives is not adversely affected by sterilization.
  • OP-Tape is biocompatible.
  • A one colored print (i.e. a logo) on the release liner is available on request.
  • Custom dimensions are available on request.
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