Duct Tape and Strech Foil

Duct Tape and Strech Foil
Product Features

Duct Tape

Tapes are the leading adhesive products used to attach two surfaces to each other. These tapes, which are plastered with adhesive on one side, have become indispensable in everyone’s life with their numerous usage areas. In addition to standard tapes, duct tapes are used for packaging purposes, especially in cases where transportation is required.

Duct tape are strong, single-sided adhesive tapes primarily used for packing and packaging purposes. Not every tape used for gluing is duct tape. The term duct tape is used for industrial-use, thick and durable tapes that are produced with the “hot-melt” glue technique, adhere more strongly to surfaces than standard tapes.

Duct tapes are among the consumer products that we encounter almost everywhere in daily use. The most important reason for this is; is the adhesion of tapes to all kinds of surfaces, especially paper and cardboard. duct tapes; Easily adheres to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, walls. Thanks to these features of duct tapes, many consumers choose duct tapes for any bonding need.

Strech Foil

• Hand-held stretch film can be used to wrap pallets and products.

• It has a structure that provides firm wrapping and holding. Thus, it is suitable for use in dusty, humid and cold environments.

• Production is made in required dimensions in 17-23 micrones (μ) .

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